Friday, December 3, 2010

Portraits ( Harder than you may think)

It all started with a simple request " get a photo of the three kids while they're in a good mood"


 No again...
It was a little harder with Mr F the little energizer bunny he is, So i told him to jump and tried to catch him in the air.

Pure gold. 

The motion captures Mr F's personality Perfectly!
Just a small pity the flash died on this shot because its my favorite.


  1. nice one, even without the flash!
    it's impossible to get your own kids to pose, they just seem to get sillier.
    enjoy the silly season Mr T.

  2. thank for your visit on my blog, All your photos are beautiful and full of life !
    I like this and I'm a follower with pleasure :)

    Bye Mahon**